Soul and Heart in Business Workbook

Soul Care is such a necessary part of life. This includes your business. As an entrepreneur how you show up in your business matters. We can’t afford to do business counterproductive to the Kingdom and when God begins to work on your business, he starts in the places where your true treasures lie…

Your Soul and Heart! 

The heart is the space of the soul that determines how we feel, think, and behave. This is why when you are ready for Him to do a work on your business, you must be ready for Him to do a work on your heart. 

The Soul and Heart in Business: Restructuring and Reframing with Kingdom Focus workbook provides the reader with a 5 step  framework that will introduce, affirm, and confirm the Kingdom entrepreneur’s drive to do business God’s way.

Each focus provides a functional framework that helps you partner with the Holy Spirit for revelation, clarity, and strategy.

This workbook is a must-have for any Kingdom entrepreneur who desires to see and run their business through the eyes of God. It’s a paradigm shift from the norm, into the supernatural realm of God for business success. 

Are You Ready to Shift Perspectives and Build Your Business with Kingdom Focus

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I have waited with great anticipation for this book, Soul and Heart in Business, to be released. As a long time mentor and friend of LaTara Venise, I have personally witnessed her authentically and transparently walk out every word on these pages.
Shae Bynes
Author, Grace Over Grind
Book Reviews
Focus, Clarity. Priority. Confidence. We all need to focus with clarity and priority on what God has called us to do in body, soul and spirit. We need confidence in our Lord and in His Calling for us to serve Him and others well. Working and journaling through LaTara's book Soul and Heart in Business: Restructuring and Reframing with Kingdom Focus has been such a blessing! Settle in, take your time, hear from the Lord and then get busy living and working as unto Him!
Karen Bourg
CEO, National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs
Soul and Heart in Business provides the framework for business owners to operate their businesses in a holistic way. We are created whole beings with a soul. Our hearts, feelings and emotions affect how we show up in business. Soul and Heart in business gives you the tools to show up with intention and not just as an afterthought or in reaction to conflict. When You start to do the work for your soul to thrive your business will follow.
Theresa Horne
CEO, Sisterhood of Strong