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Next Level Living Requires Birthing Process Moments

The last few months of my life have been a fight to eliminate the mess that I allowed to linger too long. There were days when I just wanted to say, “I will just stay right here in the comfort zone of my mess”. However, I chose to ignore that message and simply do the work. It was necessary as I entered into the next level of my life.

I liken the period to the time I was in labor with my youngest son, Brehane. I labored with him for three days and yet it was the last day that was the most difficult. I did not need to go to the hospital until that day because that is when the pain was the worse and the contractions were the closest they had been, so I knew it was time to go. About two hours after I had arrived, the doctor determined that it was necessary to speed up the process with induced labor because I was not dilating much at all. But Brehane still waited almost 6 more hours before he came. He was having trouble trying to get out of the womb and at one point the nurse climbed on the birthing bed, and as she placed her hands inside my womb, said ”His heart rate is dropping”, as she pumped his little chest inside of me. By this time I was crying trying to figure out what was going on and started to go into shock. I to be given oxygen because I was losing air and unable to control my breathing. He just would not move as he should.

I never dilated past 4 centimeters and so my awesome doctor decided that a c-section was not the answer. She was a family friend and God had told her the baby must come through the canal naturally. She put on her surgical glove, placed her hand in my womb, told the nurse to tell her when I was having a contraction, and at the appointed time she took her hand and opened up my cervix to the point where Brehane could arrive into the world. But that was too much like right because then he decided that his head would be in the wrong position and the doctor had to once again go in and turn his little body around to keep the cord from wrapping around his neck.


After a few more pushes, Brehane Yosef Ham-Ying, entered the world. Talk about tears flowing in that room. We were all excited that he decided to finally join us humans outside of the comfort zone of the womb.

That is what this period was like. There were times I pushed and nothing happened. There were times when my heart felt like it stopped beating and I had to rely on my Doctor, Holy Spirit, to pump my soul back to life. There were times when I just wanted to stay right where I was and the Doctor said that will not be and He opened up doors that I nee

Three things I learned during my recent birthing process:

  1. We cannot deny the process. If we do it will slowly kill the soul. Just as oxygen was necessary for to aid my breathing the day of my son’s birth; the soul thrives on the breath of God.
  2. Always have a team of trusted people who will help you through the process. Just like the doctor and nurses who helped Brehane come into the world, we need others to help us obtain the next level for our lives.
  3. When you do the work, the results will bring great benefit. For hours the team at Advocate Trinity Hospital helped me work through the process of giving birth to Brehane. But, I had to do the work no one else could. It was in doing the work that I birthed Brehane, whose name means “bright light” in Ethiopian.

When we are being moved into next level living, there will be a birthing process. Why? Because there will be new things and that means we will need to move out of what we know into areas we have yet to venture. When we decide to do the work and partner with Holy Spirit, there may be pains as likened to the birthing process, but in the

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