All About Me…Sort Of

LaTara Venise

I know what it’s like to hit rock bottom and experience wholeness through the healing power of Christ. That journey serves as a catalyst to healing for others through my work as a Soul Care Provider and the Founder of the vibrant and creative brand, Color Your Soul.

I truly enjoy equipping, mentoring, and leading women entrepreneurs, visionaries, and ministry leaders, helping them to tend to their souls and succeed at discovering, developing, and delivering the vision God has given them.
You may want to know that I am a certified Master Life Coach, herbalist, author, teacher, and speaker with the call of a pastor and wisdom that speaks prophetically into the souls of others. I do not take the call and anointing over my life lightly. Instead I serve as “God’s Yes Girl”, moving forth as God deems necessary. 
I’m looking forward to serving you!  

Soul Care is an inner life concept that focuses on emotional and mental balance. It is a combination of practices for spiritual direction and holistic health using a combination of life coaching, spiritual counseling, and discipleship. This service is perfect for leaders in the ministry and marketplace who have become weary or for the person seeking a space for healing after a tragedy.

Our Soul Care Services help you to find balance and freedom in the four key areas of life: Relationship/Love, Health/Self-Care, Wealth/Career, Faith/Spirit.

We do this by helping our clients focus and grow in three key areas:

  • Emotional Maturity
  • Mental Health
  • Spiritual Growth

Each area is key to soul care.

Through private coaching and mentoring and group environment, our teams assist you with developing a soul that become emotional rich and mature for lasting success and joyful moments in life every day.

Here’s how the first 90 days will go:

  • 3 30-minute sessions a month
  • Weekly accountability check-ins via email or Voxer
  • Implement key pillars for a healthy soul 
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries

What Happens After The 90 Days, LaTara?

  • After our initial time together, I am your mentor for as long as you will bless me with the honor. That means you will have access to all things Color Your Soul and Beautiful such as options to…
  • Join us for a Color Your Soul Healing Retreat of your choice (We do 2 a year)
  • Join me for a special Soul Soaring Mastermind Weekend (open to 5 women only)
  • Continued private coaching with me

Initial Investment

$2000 for the 90 Days process. You have the options of paying in full or setting up payment arrangements with me. I have a few options for payment available. 

If you are ready to work with me please fill out the information form. Once the form is complete you will be directed to schedule your Assessment Call with LaTara Venise. 

Please follow this link to get started 

You are the soul of your business. Is your soul nourished? Your heart will show up every day in your interactions. So if you feel worn out, broken, unloved or you’re struggling with negativity, those feelings will affect your day to day interactions.

But what if you start from the foundation of a nourished soul? You will be positive, patient, productive and you’ll see your team and customers the way our heavenly Father sees you.

Create a heart-focused strategy for your business

At Soul and Heart In Business, we’ll teach you how to care for your soul. When you care for your soul, the effects will flow on to bless your team and those you serve. Read more about soul care.

Is it time to transform your business from the inside out?

Let us get to know your business and the challenges you’re facing. If your business needs renewal, book a free consultation today. We’re here to coach you towards reaching your true potential with God at the center. It all starts from within your soul.


Choose a service that works best for you.


Private coaching. 

We’ll work with you to identify issues that are holding you and your business back and create a personalized plan with practical steps to transform yourself and your business. Then we’ll help you implement the plan and make adjustments along the way. Book a session or request more information.


Virtual or in-house training and coaching

First, we’ll assess teams, key individuals and customer service protocols. We’ll deep dive into each and investigate emotional, mental and spiritual components. Then, we’ll create a strategy to strengthen each area. Soon, you’ll start to see the effects radiate through your business and to your customers. 

Get started now.


Note: In-house training is temporarily on hold due to COVID-19. 


Team and personal retreats.

Why are team retreats popular? Because they help employees get to know each other more deeply, open up communication and help foster the creation of new ideas. We’ll design a retreat that’s just right for your team. You’ve got a business to run, so leave the organisation to us. We’ll book, organise and run the retreat for you, so you can focus on your day to day responsibilities.


Personal retreats are perfect if you need to rest and recharge or seek direction and new inspiration from God. We’ll sort it out for you. All you have to do is turn up and relax. 


Team structure creation.

Are your employees unmotivated or unproductive? We work with you to assess the unique gifts of each team member to make sure they’re in the best position to be fulfilled and contribute most effectively to the success of your business. We assess spiritual gifts, fruits of the Spirit, emotional wellness and practical ability. When your employees are working in their areas of gifting, they’ll be happier and much more effective!
Let us help you with your team analysis and structure creation.


Customer service structure creation

Do your customers use your services once and then you never see them again? We help you create a customer service protocol so you’ll serve your customers with love and excellence! They’ll notice the difference, keep coming back, and might even tell their friends.

Want to learn more about this service? Schedule a time to chat with me during an inquiry call. Schedule Here